_u competition-want + do_not_have[n].
_ur [r]ageslip shows: all open_[g]rott[y]ed_mouth.
_ur relevancy_scrapes_on_hiss-spit_floors.
_ur c-thru_f[r]onts_hide_oily_addiction_backs [white_knuckled_clumsy_bleeding thru_ur_dials].
_ur [net]work[ed]ing_hues_fade_[b]lack+brokenness: with [c]rusted-lops[l]ide_f[l]ails.
_u throw+"expert'_hose: & all we hear is irritation_yaps.
_u creep_pull + [de]sire-line-push: ur strangle_legs_go_round+[h]op[eless]ined-round.


smiling face with open/closed mouth and smiling eyessmiling face with open/closed mouthgrinning facesmiling face with smiling eyeswhite smiling facewinking facesmiling face with heart-shaped eyesface throwing a kisskissing face with closed eyeskissing facekissing face with smiling eyesface with stuck-out bloated blackstripe tongue and [t]winking eyeface with stuck-out tong[l]ue and tightly-closed eyesface with stuck-out tongue