mez (netwurker) wrote,

Real_Time_"1sts!" [or: PanoptiConned Imagery From the Scene]

EDIT 11:26 EST: A photo of the alleged [double_plus_karma].
EDIT 11:27 EST: A XXXX Male in all black clothing ["first!" "i'm first!"].
EDIT 11:32 EST: XXXXX just reported the shots. No new info there [gamification of criminal activity on a MMO scale].
EDIT 11:33 EST: There was a XXXXX at a near by XXXX (XXXXX Skin XXXXX Male 5'11' 200lbs, black top). Could be related? [follow the yellow_brick_rabbithole].
EDIT 11:40 EST: XXXXXX reported on the ground screaming/crying. XXXXX that was with her just walked away. [Puppet(masta+mi)Stressing_while Boston_burns].
EDIT 11:42 EST: Image from the scene. Warning blood. [warning:_panoptiConned_+cRowd(y)_sourced_lynchm(sn)obbery].

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