mez (netwurker) wrote,

\oriGaM[e,]i[,+ U]/

Step 1: Start with a 6_itch x 6_itch identity with desire side down. Fold yearnings in half on the fan[boi+gal_ecs]tasy axis. Sleep_crease well and unfold.

Step 2: Fold both sides to meet in the [(f)etch-a-]sketch_center. CrE[r]ase well and unfold.

Step 3: Fold XY to meet XX. Seduce_crea[m]se well and u[E]nfold.

Step 4: Now fold XX to meet XY. C[|G]rease well.

Step 5: This is an interesting step that we'll repeat several times. RIP the [re]active side back to the left. Fold and boil your_[d]raw[n]_self_dry. Heave through your rou[Sal]tines while [D]ang[er]St_breathing. Murder_shift the table and p[b]o[lt]st the door. Then flIP your sIT_st[K]ill switch and howl.

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